Sunday, March 3, 2013


Here goes. My first post on my new blog. I've played with a couple different blogs. Heck, I've even made a post or two, but I didn't like the lack of features they provided, so they fell by the wayside. However, a couple weeks ago I had this brilliant idea. Well, I'm not sure exactly which of us had the brilliant idea. You see, fellow author and friend, Hayden Braeburn and I were talking about March Madness and impending Basketball widowhood for many American's during the NCAA tournament that decides the "final four" for NCAA playoffs.

So, we tossed around the idea of having our own March Madness, and here it is, just two days before the launch of a pretty awesome, if I do say so myself, "HOP".  We've got some phenomenal authors participating, and some incredible prizes. A Kindle Fire or Nook Color, Gift Cards -- not 1 but 8 of them. And books. And this is on top of the giveaways happening on each authors individual blog.

Who's participating in the "hop" you ask? That's easy. I'll link to that below. And as far as my blog? Well expect to see me around a bit more. I've got lots of fun and exciting stuff to share. Most of it about the real life town of Payson, AZ, which is the setting for my Walking a Thin Blue Line police series. I'll try to add something fun and witty, though it will probably come out tactless and sarcastic, but I'll do my best. In the meantime, I hope everyone is having an awesome Sunday afternoon.

It's currently in the 70's here. I'm sitting on the porch, watching my kids play; they're wearing shorts and flipflops by the way. I absolutely love this time of year in the Phoenix area.

Okay, the list:

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